• Aevidum
    The History of Aevidum 
    The word Aevidum means “I’ve got your back”.  A group of students came together with an idea to support their school community as a result of a classmate's suicide. What started in one tiny school in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania has now become a nationwide movement. 
    What does Aevidum look like at East Junior High School? 
    We join together as a club to work on a variety of student driven school projects to support and encourage the EJHS students. We also focus on advocacy for suicide prevention and mental health awareness. 
    Who should  join?
    If you want to be a part of a club where your voice is heard and you can help your classmates through activities you can plan, then aevidum is right for you.
    If you are new to East Junior High and would like to make new friends, sign up.
    If you need somewhere to fit in, aevedium has a place for you. Anyone can join, as the advisors' goal is to help empower young minds to use their gifts and voices to make an authentic change within our school community.  
    When do we meet?
    We announce our meetings on the morning and afternoon announcements. which typically occur on Wednesdays or Thursdays. Our schedule varies depending on which student driven activities we are focused on during any given time. 
    Mrs. Nalesnik and Mrs. Nied, Advisors
    East Junior High School
    P.O. Box 200
    Swiftwater, PA 18370
    (570) 839 - 7121