1. Click on the link above.
    2. Select "Digital Fingerprinting"
    3. Enter 1KG6XN
    4. Click on Schedule/Manage Employment.
    5. Go through the screens and enter information as required. 
    You will have the ability to enter your zip code and the system will then take you to a screen with local IndentoGO service centers.  Click on one of those centers where you will go to be fingerprinted.  You can make an appointment on-line or click walkin.  BE ADVISED YOU MUST SELECT A LOCATION THAT IS CURRENTLY ACTIVE.  NOT ALL INDENTIFIED LOCATIONS ON THE MAP ARE OPEN FOR APPOINTMENTS.       
    *PMSD is currently an in-house location only. If you are a current employee and want to get your fingerprints done in-house please note the following. You must still select a location when registering (It can be any location). When you get the Date and Time screen, DO NOT select a date and time, select WALK IN and them submit. After this you must send an email to fingerprinting@pmsd.org to request an appointment with PMSD to get your fingerprints done.  Please indicate in your email what position you are applying for/or hold at the district.