Welcome from the Principal…

    It is with great pride that we welcome you to our educational facility. The notion of our school will be the foundation from which we will transform this beautiful structure that is the West Junior High School into a caring, positive, and structured haven in which our students will have the opportunity to achieve academic success and to flourish as young adults.

    The successful opening of West Junior High was a culminating effort of many groups and individuals; including our School Board, district administrators, faculty, staff, students, parents, and various community members. This type of collaboration, dedication, and commitment to education has long been a cornerstone of our district’s success.

    Personally, it is a great honor to be afforded the opportunity of providing leadership for our school. A philosophy that I adhere to regarding my position as an educational leader is to “create an environment in which teachers can teach, so that students may learn.” Though simply stated, realizing this goal requires continued effort and resolve by all members of our educational community.

    Again, welcome to the West Junior High School, a place to learn…a place to grow.

    Dr. Eric J. Vogt
    Principal, PMWJHS