• A Wide Variety of Programs for a Wide Variety of Learners
    The Pocono Mountain Academy offers a program for students requiring an alternative setting to the traditional classroom, a retention remediation program for students who have failed multiple classes, and the opportunity for credit deficient upperclassmen to meet graduation requirements.  
    A Strong Tradition of Educational Excellence 
    Since its inception in 1998, the Pocono Mountain Academy has met the individualized needs of its students with individualized instruction.  Smaller class sizes allow students to receive one-on-one attention geared towards their particular abilities and needs.  Teachers provide meaningful instruction in core subject areas, related arts, and best school success practices.
    Data Driven Behavioral Supports
    Following tested and proven guidelines, Pocono Mountain Academy has created a School Wide Positive Behavior Program that identifies and encourages behaviors students need to be successful in school.  Student progress is monitored and recorded using specific data collection programs designed to pinpoint students' behavioral strengths and weaknesses.