• Junior Library Guild is a service that WJHS subscribes to.  Each month, new digital content (print and audio) are added to the "Virtual Bookshelf" that is ours.  The content can be read/used by as many users as needed.  An entire class, for instance, can read the same book at the same time.  Material is on the book shelf from 60-90 days at a time and then are removed.  The content is always changing!  

    As a student, YOU have access to this service!  


    After you click on THIS link, you will need to enter:

    For USERNAME, enter:  WJHSLibrary

    For PASSWORD, enter:  Readbooks


    Once you have logged onto the Junior Library Guild Page, you will need to enter YOUR information!

    JLG2   Click on SIGN IN!

    Once you click on SIGN IN, you will see this page.


    For this page, USERNAME is your STUDENT NUMBER!