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WHS Student Parking Application

We will be changing the procedure for how students apply for WHS parking permits.  No students should be sent to the main office for an application or to submit a completed application. Students will access the parking permit application from the WHS website:
Students will complete the application and then send the completed application and required documents to Ms. Esposito via email:
At this time, students will not need secure signatures from coaches or advisors.  Student parking is limited to Juniors and Seniors.  Once in school, the student will give his/her check or money order to their homeroom teacher, which will be forwarded to Ms. Esposito.  Once Ms. Esposito verifies that all parts of the application are complete, the parking permit sticker and designated spot will be returned to the homeroom teacher who will give it to the student.
From 10/13 to 10/28, students may park in any available spot in the student lot.  We will not be going live with parking enforcement until 10/29.