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Gooooooooooood Morning WJHS!
Coming to you live from TV Studio A215 …welcome to today’s broadcast of WJHS LIVE!

And here are your announcements for Tuesday, January 10th
Day 4 of the 6 day cycle

Novel to Film club will meet tomorrow. We will be watching New Moon, the second in the Twilight series. If you are interested in joining, please seem Mrs. Brandolino in room 230.

Attention all fitness club members: We will be meeting after school on Wednesday.

Attention 8th graders: MCTI applications are due to the guidance office by Thursday, February 2nd.

Attention all actors, dancers and singers. Pocono Mountain West Junior High School will be presenting Elf the Musical this spring! Dance auditions will be held today, Tuesday January 10 after school. Bring dance or athletic clothing to this audition. Acting Auditions will be held after school Wednesday January 11 and Thursday January 12 after school. Choose ONE day to attend. Prepare part of a song that shows off your voice and acting ability. Auditions are open to ALL junior high students. Please see Ms. Aragona-Young in the chorus room for important audition information. Also, any faculty or staff member that would like to help with scoring the auditions, please email Ms. Aragona asap.

Hey students! Is the lunch room too loud? (pause) Do you want some quiet time during your lunch? (pause) Do you need to get some work done or study for that upcoming test? (pause) Or maybe you just want to read a book or magazine in peace? (pause) Well then, stop by the library to pick up your lunch pass! That’s right, pick up a library lunch pass to come to the library! Just remember, you are NOT allowed to eat in the library.

Students…please remember…anytime YOU want to give a birthday shout-out for a friend, please bring it down to the library the day before the announcement is needed!

Each broadcast of our show is recorded and added to the West Junior website soon after the announcements are over. Please check the website for any missed announcements. All of our broadcasts are posted on Twitter and saved on the WJHSLIVE YouTube channel, too! Check us out and subscribe!

Teachers are reminded to have their TV’s turned on to channel 15 by 7:25 each morning…our broadcast will begin at approximately 7:30 each day.

The band lessons for today are:
P1 Group L 8th Flutes
P3 Group J 7th Drums
P8 Group K 8th Saxes

And for lunch today at American Classics:
Freshly Baked Potato with
Cheddar Cheese Sauce
Fresh Broccoli Florets
Sour Cream
Chopped Bacon Garnish and a
Whole Grain Dinner Roll

At 2Mato: Buffalo Chicken Pizza

And at the Grill this week:
Grilled Chicken Sandwich

And now your weather forecast from the WJHS Weather Center: Today we can expect not as cold; a bit of afternoon snow, up to 1"; roads will be slippery in the afternoon and a high of only 20 degrees. Currently, it’s 11 degrees and partly cloudy outside.

Well, that’s it for today’s announcements. On behalf of the entire WJHS LIVE crew, I’m _______ and I’m ______. Thanks for watching! And now stay tuned for your scrolling announcements! Have a great day!