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Morning Announcements for 1/18/19

Gooooooooooood Morning WJHS! Coming to you LIVE from TV Studio A215 …welcome to today’s broadcast of WJHS LIVE!   And here are your announcements for Friday, January 18th Day 1 of the 6 day cycle.


Hey students!  Do you want to take part in a fun new event?  Starting on January 23rd, all 8th period classes will have a chance to “capture” their teacher and earn a free period in the gym. Collection jars will be placed in each 8th period class and the class that collects the most money from January 23rd until February 6th will win and earn a free period in the gym on February 8th.


Project Purple students will be assembling Jared Boxes.  These boxes will be donated to children who are in the hospital.  Items donated should be able to fit into a shoebox.  Examples are: crayons, colored pencils, small toys, stickers, puzzles etc.  During homeroom starting Tuesday January 22nd through Friday February 8th, Project Purple students will collect these items to be used in the Jared Boxes. Our next meeting is Wednesday January 30th right after school.  Thanks for your support.


The Glow dance will be January 25th from 6pm to 9pm. Students cannot stay after school. They must be dropped off and picked up. Wristbands are $5 and will be sold during lunches January 22nd through the 24th.


Students with library books are reminded to renew or return your books before they are due to avoid any fines.  Thank you.


‚ÄčTeachers, please have your TV’s turned on to channel 15 by 7:25 each morning…our broadcast begins at approximately 7:30 each day.


Hey students:  We always need song requests to play on the announcements!  Go to the WJHS website to enter yours!  So…please submit your song requests ASAP! 


Any student who wants to use the library during their lunch period must pick up a lunch pass from Mr. Burney each day they want to attend. 


Birthday shout outs should be submitted at the WJHS website.  All shout outs need to be entered at least 1 day before the shout out is needed. 


The attendance office would like to remind you to bring in your absence note to the attendance window ASAP.


Attention band students,   the band lessons today are as follows:

P1 Group B 8th Clarinets

P3 Group C 8th Saxes

P8 Group A 8th Flutes


And for lunch today:

At American Classics:  BBQ Chicken with Baked Crinkle Fries and a Fresh Baked Whole Grain Biscuit

At 2Mato:  Baked Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

And at the Grill:  BBQ Rib-B-Q Sandwich


Your weather forecast for today from the WJHS Weather Center:    Cloudy, morning flurries, then clouds and sun this afternoon.  We will have a high of 33 degrees.  Currently, it’s 23 degrees outside. 


And finally, we’d like to wish happy birthday to 7th grader Jocelyn Leyba from Mrs. Kuchmay’s homeroom.  We’d also like to wish a very special happy birthday to 7th grade teacher Dr. Flannery today!!!!


Well, that’s it for today’s announcements. On behalf of the entire WJHS Live crew, I’m_____ and I’m_______  Thanks for watching and have a great day! And we will see YOU back here again on Tuesday!  J  Bye! Bye!