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January is School Board Recognition Month

Pennsylvania public schools educate nearly 2 million students and more than 9,000 students attend Pocono Mountain School District. Each one of those students has an individual story and a different path they are taking into adulthood. The roads to success are as varied as the students, but they are not traveling this path alone. Parents, teachers, administrators, school bus drivers, and everyone on the PMSD team all play a vital role in the success of students.
In January, we pause to salute another group of nine people who spend dozens of hours each month voluntarily leading our schools and making difficult decisions – they are the School Board Directors.
These elected officials spend countless hours reviewing budgets, approving curriculum and textbook choices, reviewing hiring decisions, adopting policy, and evaluating the academic and operational results of the district. They are our neighbors, friends, community leaders and engaged senior citizens doing a necessary job for the benefit of our children.

As we go about our busy lives, let’s not forget our elected school directors who play a significant role in creating the environment where so many educational successes can happen. (PSBA)