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PJAS - 60th Annual Regional Competition-Contestants and Award Winners

Congratulations to the Pocono Mountain School District students who competed in this years 60th Annual Regional Competition for Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS).

East High School:

Daniella Erlanger- First Award

Alexandra Bock--First Award

Alexa Petroff --First Award

Katherine Gude-- First Award & Perfect Score

Eddie Lockie-- First Award

Alyssa King-- First Award & Awarded the Lacawac Fellowship

Emma Thompson-- First Award

Madison Rios-- Second Award

Gloria-Gabrielle Gonzalez--Second Award

Patricia Olsen- Second Award

Roshan Forde-- Second Award


In addition the following seniors earned the Perseverance Award:

Emma Thompson- 6 years

Patricia Olsen-- 6 years

Roshan Forde-- 5 years 


West High School:

Kiel Birthwright (11th Grade) – Chemistry-First Award

Andrew Ritchies (11th Grade) - Computer Science-First Award



East Junior High: 

Frank Palmenta-- First Award & Perfect Score

Kailey Clifford-- First Award

Lila Shelton --First Award

Daniel Oh-- First Award

Connor Straub-- First Award