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61st Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science Regional Competition Results

Pocono Mountain School District junior high and high school students competed in the 61st PA Junior Academy of Science (PJAS) Regional Competition on March 8, 2022.


Sixteen students from PM East High School competed in PJAS, earning 14 First Awards and 2 Second Awards. Also, Emily Farley, Alexa Petroff, and Madison Rios earned perfect scores on their research projects.


Three students from PM West High School competed in PJAS, earning 1 First Award, 1 Second Award and 1 Third Award.


Ten students from PM East Junior High School competed in PJAS, earning 4 first awards, with 2 perfect scores, and 6 second awards. Finn McGovern and Frank Palmenta earned perfect scores for their research projects. In addition, eighth grader Kailey Clifford was awarded the Lacwac Fellowship. This summer she will spend a week at Lacwac Environmental Science Center's Conservation Leadership Academy. Kailey will be conducting environmental research alongside college students and professors.


The district PJAS award recipients are as follows:


First Award

  • East HS Grade 11 - Alexandra Bock, Katherine Gude, Emily Farley (perfect score), Katelyn Ingrassia, Alyssa King, Eddie Lockie, Alexa Petroff (perfect score), Jessica Rinaldi, and Madison Rios (perfect score).
  • East HS Grade 10 - Gloria Gonzalez and Eden Miller.
  • East HS Grade 9 - Nicholas Ingrassia, Lila Shelton, and Connor Straub.
  • West HS Grade 12 - Andrew Ritchie
  • East Jr HS Grade 8 - Kailey Clifford and Frank Palmenta (perfect score).
  • East Jr. HS Grade 7 - Cole Clifford and Finn McGovern (perfect score).


Second Award

  • East HS Grade 11 - Asia Spooner and Daniella Erlanger.
  • West HS Grade 12 - Afzaa Reece.
  • East Jr. HS Grade 8 - Ryan Sanon, Emily Harrison., and Lily Decker
  • East Jr HS Grade 7 - Julian Rivera, Sean King, and Sophia Ardizoni.


Third Award

  • West HS Grade 12 - Kiel Birthwright.


Students who earned First Awards will attend the state competition at Penn State University in May.