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East High School Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science students receive multiple awards at the PJAS State Competition.

Pocono Mountain East High School students participated in the PJAS State competition.  The following students at the East High School received awards.


11th grade 

Alexandra Bock - 2nd award

Daniella Earlanger - 1st award

Emily Farley - 1st award

Katelyn Ingrassia - 2nd award

Alyssa King - 1st award

Edward Lockie - 1st award

Alexa Petroff - 1st award

Jessica Rinaldi - 3rd award

Madison Rios - 1st award


10th grade

Gloria Gonzalez - 1st award

Nicholas Ingrassia - 1st award

Eden Miller - 1st award


9th grade 

Connor Straub - 1st award

Lila Shelton - 1st award


A special congratulations is for Lila Shelton, who not only earned a perfect score, but also was awarded the Excellence in Physics award.  


Congratulations to all on their hard work!