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Putting their research to the test

Students from three Pocono Mountain School District schools competed in the Regional PA Junior Academy of Science competition in March bringing home a perfect score, a medicine fellowship, 21 First Awards and 13 Second Awards.


Pocono Mountain East High School, PM West High School and PM East Junior High School students spent month designing their research projects and analyzing data to prepare for the science competition and present their projects to a panel of judges.


PM East HS junior Michael Olsen earned a Perfect Score and a First Award on his project.  Kristina Rinaldi, also a junior at the East HS, earned a First Award and a research fellowship at the Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine where she will spend two days at the School of Medicine learning about all aspects of medical school including discussions with medical professionals.


The following students from the East HS also earned First Awards for their research projects: Calvin Hubbard (grade 9), Jacquelyn Dudley (grade 10), Emma Thompson (grade 9), Rocco Polimeni (grade 11), Alex Lindenbaum (grade 11), Marco Polimeni (grade 11), Danielle Shermock (grade 12), Patricia Olsen (grade 9), Jazlynn Wohlers (grade 10), Dean Nyberg (grade 10), and Dushaun Thompson (grade 10). Also, PM West HS senior Andrew Tieszen earned a First Award, and the following students from the East Junior HS earned First Awards at the regional science competition: Jessica Rinaldi (grade 7), Madison Rios (grade 7), Adam Yagan (grade 7), Luke Spece (grade 8), Katherine Gude (grade 7), Alyssa King (grade 7), and Jaden Cook (grade 7).


Earning Second Awards from the East HS were Maya Yagen (grade 9), Hannah Price (grade 10), Luis Santos (grade 12), Gavin Kensinger (grade 9), and Shannon Lawlor (grade 10). Earning Second Awards from the West HS were Taylor Bertram (grade 11), Ria James (grade 12), and Amanda Moody (grade 11). Also, the following 7th graders from the East Junior HS earned Second Awards: Emma Fastiggi, Christiana Joy Savage, Edward Lockie, Andrew Hannig, and Alexa Petroff.


All First Award winners have qualified to compete at the PA Junior Academy of Science State Finals at Penn State in May.