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Creative Communications Poetry Contest Winners

Jack Dunlap, 6th grader at SIS and Julian Rivera, 4th grader at SIS had their poems chosen to be published in the Creative Communications Poetry Contest.  
























Fly by Jack Dunlap


I'll follow my dreams, to go up high. I'll move the clouds, I'll touch the sky.

Swim in the big beautiful blue sea. Fly high above, so I can see.

My friends will look up and be amazed. They will look up, with a solid gaze.

I'll leave everyone in the dust, as I glide in mother nature's gust.

I'll follow my dreams, I'll take to the skies. To do what I want. To rise and fly.






Seasons of Earth by Julian Rivera


Winter is the first season,

So awesome you'll end up wheezin?.

Although it's fun

In more ways than one

Afterword you?ll be freezin?.


Spring is the next one,

After Winter is done.

April showers

Bring May flowers,

And soon you?ll have a ton!


Summer is so very hot,

So that you?ll eat ice cream a lot!

One big vacation

Across the whole nation

Especially for the cute little tot!


Then the crisp, cool fall wind blows,

Tingling everyone's toes.

All the leaves fall

In a brown and gold wall,

And what happens to them, who knows?