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Proposed Pocono Mountain School District Comprehensive Plan: Over the past several months Administration has facilitated the development of a district Comprehensive Plan (CP) (Formerly referred to as the Strategic Plan). A district level planning committee was formed to assist in the development of the CP. Key staff members and representatives from every stakeholder group did participate in the development of the CP to ensure that multiple perspectives were considered and that staff and stakeholders would support the plan.

Staff and Stakeholder groups included:

  • District and School Level Administrators
  • Program and Support Personnel (e.g., Curriculum, Special Education, Student Services, Instructional Technology)
  • Elementary, Middle and High School Teachers
  • Librarians
  • Parents
  • Local Business and Community Representatives


The initial presentation of the District Level Comprehensive Plan to the Board occurred on October 23, 2013.  The plan may be approved by the Board on November 6, 2013.  The plan will then be submitted to PDE for review and approval.   The period of public review and comment on the plan will continue until local approval.

At this time the complete District Comprehensive Plan has been posted.  In must be noted that the previously posted sections are included in the overall plan for consideration.  An attachment presenting additional information relevant to the plan actions steps is also included.


Comments may be submitted through the link provided below.


Please note that the previous district strategic plan and related sections of the plan remain posted until the new comprehensive plan is approved.

Comprehensive Plan Feedback


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