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    Dr. Elizabeth Robison  As we prepare for the upcoming school year, I would like to take a moment to encourage all parents to accept the challenge of becoming actively involved within our schools. Strong academic success is correlated with a talented staff, dedicated leadership, a devoted Board of Education and active parent involvement. I need you to be part of our team as we work together with a common mission – “Preparing our students for tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities.

    Research on parent involvement in schools consistently shows that when parents are involved in schools, children do better. These research studies found that children with parents who are involved in their schools are more likely to:

    * Earn higher grades
    * Perform higher on tests
    * Pass their classes
    * Attend school regularly
    * Have a more positive attitude toward school
    * Complete homework assignments
    * Graduate and continue with post-secondary education
    * Demonstrate better social skills

    Each year our school administrators hold team meetings with their faculty and staff to discuss and plan for the many events they will offer for children and parents the following school year. They critique the events they held the previous school year to determine what type of events parents want for their children and families and how to get more parents to come to afterschool events and be actively engaged in their children’s learning.

    I’ve challenged my administrative team again this school year to work hard to increase parent involvement in our schools. Our school administrators have accepted that challenge and are planning many wonderful activities for you and your families to participate in throughout 2021-2022.

    As a former reading support teacher, I am especially excited about the family reading nights and other reading-focused events and activities that will be offered in our schools. I am reading a book that will be offered to parents in one of our intermediate schools for the school’s new One School, One Book program. The title of the book is a surprise and will be unveiled by the school at a future date, so all I can tell parents is that I know they will love reading this book with their children.

    This year, several of our elementary and intermediate schools will be participating in the One School, One Book program. Soon after the start of the school year, parents will receive more information on the program and how they can be involved in and share this learning process with their child and their school.

    One School, One Book is just one example of the many, many exciting activities and programs our schools have planned for our students and their families for 2021-2022. A snapshot of some of those activities is available in the Back-to-School section of this District newsletter. More information on events at our schools will be posted to the District and school websites at the start of the school year.

    Let’s change the discussion our school administrators have at the end of this school year from how do we get more parents to attend programs in our schools to how are we going to accommodate the overwhelming interest and support of parents at our school programs next year.

    Each of you is a powerful tool that can reinforce the mindset of a child to view school as an integral part of the entire family’s life. Please watch a short video on Parent Involvement by PTO Today through the link on our PMSD website (, under the Announcements Section.

    Together, let’s build a stronger school-parent partnership in 2021-2022 and make PMSD the strongest family possible. Thank you for helping to make our students the greatest!
    Dr. Elizabeth Robison
    Superintendent of Schools 

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