PMSD Cyber
  • PMSD Cyber Program Overview

    Join us for the 2019-2020 school year! The PMSD Cyber Program now offers a comprehensive K-12 cyber program! The K-6 and the 7-12 programs are highlighted in further detail on the following pages:
    Student with Chromebook Similar to educational programs of the Pocono Mountain School District's traditional "brick and mortar" schools, the Cyber Program is based on the Pennsylvania Academic Standards. This standards aligned curriculum emphasizes the students' demonstration of mastering specific skills by engaging in an academic program that emphasizes proficiency in all curricular areas, whether the academics are acquired through distance or local learning. The PMSD Cyber Program allows students of all academic abilities to participate and demonstrate proficiency in a variety of ways. 
    The staff of the PMSD Cyber Program strives to engage students in a highly motivational, student-centered educational program. The program relies on basic educational principles while utilizing the latest information and communications technology to promote student achievement and to foster higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills. Students have the opportunity to master essential content skills and to build a strong foundation enabling them to compete in the workforce of today and the future. Students will encounter thoughtful teachers, encouraging administrators, and engaging curriculum at all levels of enrollment leading to a Pocono Mountain School District High School Diploma.