PMSD K-6 Cyber Program
    To download a copy of the PMSD K-6 Cyber Program Brochure, click here.
    blended Our grades K-6 PMSD Cyber students engage in the the same district approved curriculum available in the traditional, "brick and mortar" schools.  The PMSD Cyber Program offers multiple instructional options for parents of elementary students. The program offers full-day, at-home, cyber instruction for elementary students in grades kindergarten through sixth grade, as well as a hybrid option.

    Full-day students have the option of participating with their classmates in all building level incentives and activities, a privilege that only PMSD Cyber Program students are offered. Students in other cyber programs do not have the same opportunity to connect with peers within PMSD school buildings.  The only requirement for PMSD Cyber Program students to participate in building activities with peers in the same grade is for the parent to transport the student to and from the school building on the day of a scheduled activity.

    Aside from the full day option, parents can choose a hybrid learning option for any elementary student. Choosing a hybrid schedule allows the parent to select which classes and what time of day (half day AM or half day PM) the student will attend school. This is an option only offered by PMSD Cyber Program and sets PMSD apart from all other cyber schools. Students who attend half day in the morning can choose to ride a morning bus to school and be picked up mid-day; whereas, students who attend half day in the afternoon will be dropped off mid-day by parents and can choose to ride an afternoon bus home.

    Advantages of using the PMSD K-6 Cyber Program include:
    • Dedicated highly-qualified teachers to provide assistance via email, telephone, and in-person at our schools or off campus
    • Opportunities to socialize with students in their school communities
    • Full access to district resources and facilities, including guidance and library services
    • Join district-sponsored extracurricular activities, including Band and Chorus
    • Participate in field-trips, assemblies, and special events at school


    To complete an application and register for the Cyber K-6 Program, click here.
    The Pocono Mountain School District sets high standards for all students attending our cyber program. Supports and services under Chapter 14, 15, and 16 include a full-continuum and are in compliance with all federal and state laws. Exceptional students attending our cyber program are provided access to the general education curriculum with specially designed instruction or accommodations/modifications based on the student's individual strengths and needs.