• Why choose the PMSD Cyber Program?
    The PMSD Cyber Program has been operating since 2010 for grades 6-12 and has recently expanded to include grades K-5. PMSD Cyber provides an integrated, team-based system of instruction that includes dedicated classroom teachers to fully integrated and meaningful content. We offer 360 degree student support engineered specifically for your students' educational success including:
    • Dedicated highly-qualified Pocono Mountain School District teachers
    • Ongoing communication and access to students' home schools
    • Enrichment and remediation opportunities
    • Opportunities to learn from home, in school, or a combination of both
    • Access to all the instructional resources of the Pocono Mountain School District

    Other benefits include:

    • The program is free and there are no additional costs to enroll in the PMSD Cyber Program or receive any of its services.
    • Keep your hard-earned tax dollars local by enrolling in the PMSD Cyber Program and not in a charter or cyber-charter program.
    • The program is flexible and is tailored to the unique demands of today's online students.
    • PMSD Cyber students attend a well-established school system that has existed for more than 50 years.
    • Students can earn their Pocono Mountain School District Public High School Diploma upon successful completion of the program.
    • PMSD Cyber students have opportunities to socialize with students in their school communities and have full access to district resources and facilities, including guidance and library services.
    • Students can join district-sponsored extracurricular activities, including Band and Chorus, clubs, and sports.
    • Participate in related arts, field-trips, assemblies, and special events at school.


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