• PMSD Cyber Program Testimonials
     Olivia - PM Cyber Program  Nick - PM Cyber Program  Milina - PM Cyber Program
     “The PMSD Cyber Program “allows me to work more independently and at my own pace.”- Olivia
     “We have cool teachers. This program will allow me to do the MCTI Work Program for half a day.”
    - Nick
     “When you are learning, it’s not about the whole class, it’s about you and your progress.” - Milina
     “The PMSD Cyber Program teaches my daughter independence and allows me to be an active parent in the PMSD school community. I looked into other cyber schools, but this program was the best fit for my daughter.”
    - Lisa Wright
     “I am really happy with the program. My son plans to walk in graduation with the rest of the PMSD graduates.”
    - Tina Polimeni
     “This program was a real gift for my daughter, because she can still be a part of Pocono Mountain, but have an alternative to the regular school. It was the perfect fit for her.”
    - Peter Luczka