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    This section of our District website has been created to provide the community with updates, information and relevant data regarding contract talks between our School Board Negotiating team and union negotiators representing the Pocono Mountain Educational Support Professionals Association.

    PRESS RELEASE: PMSD Board of Education rejects PSEA proposal that would cost taxpayers more than $5 million

    (January 30, 2020) From Attorneys MICHAEL LEVIN and JOHN FREUND: The Pocono Mountain Board of Education rejected a proposal from the Pocono Mountain Education Support Professionals Association pertaining to Option 2 during the latest meeting between the two parties to negotiate a new contract for support staff personnel on Wednesday evening, January 29, 2020.

    Although PSEA actually brought a written proposal to the Board for Option 2, which would allow for the contracting out of Student Transportation Services, the Board found the proposal unreasonable as the offer included a severance packet for any displaced transportation employee equivalent to one year of pay and one year of benefits for each individual at a cost of more than $5 million to district taxpayers… Click HERE to read the entire press release. Click HERE to review the PSEA New Language Section presented to the PMSD Board of Education.

    PRESS RELEASEThe Pocono Mountain School District Responds to Erroneous Union Statement

    (January 21, 2020) From Attorneys MICHAEL LEVIN and JOHN FREUND: The School District is disappointed and disturbed that the union representing its many fine employees, the Pocono Mountain Educational Support Professionals Association, would intentionally mislead its membership and the public about such things as the contents of the Fact Finders report and its position in negotiations. The following statements for the union made by Jessica Sabol, PSEA spokesperson, are outright falsehoods: “The fact-finding process concluded that the district’s projected savings are flawed when going with First Student. During the period covered by the First Student contract, the District’s taxpayers will be paying more for student transportation services than by keeping them in-house.” This statement is absolutely false and the union should be sanctioned for making such irresponsible and baseless assertions to the public...Click HERE to read the entire press release


    PRESS RELEASE: Auditor General DePasquale Calls on General Assembly to Require All School Districts to Bid Student Transportation Services 
    HARRISBURG (May 12, 2016) – Pointing out that school districts spent $54.8 million in excess of the Pennsylvania Department of Education reimbursement, Auditor General Eugene DePasquale today called on the General Assembly to require all school districts to seek competitive bids for student transportation services. - “I want to put more education dollars in our classrooms, not our school buses,” DePasquale said during a news conference at the state capitol. - “Since 2013, our audits have identified 19 school districts in 11 counties that paid $54.8 million more than the state transportation reimbursement... Click HERE to learn more on why the Pennsylvania Auditor General recommends school districts should contract out student transportation services.