To prepare all students for tomorrow's challenges and opportunities

    • Clear Run Elementary Center


        In 1997, our school opened with the
        name of Pocono Mountain Elementary Center.

       Eventually, our name was changed to reflect
      our local history. Our campus was named
      after the Clear Run Creek, which runs behind
      the Intermediate School.

      The vast woodlands and wetlands that surround
      our school were once the home to panthers.
      That is how our mascot became the Clear Run Panther.

      Our school colors are blue and gray.

      We have more than 800 students in grades
      K-2 attending our school. Our population
      is quite diverse due to our prime location which
      is just a short commute from the metropolitan areas
      of New York and New Jersey. All of the backgrounds
      and experiences that the students bring to our
      school make us a "melting pot."