• PMSD Cyber Program Contact Information:
    570-839-7121 extension 75400


    Nora Wandalowski- nwandalowski@pmsd.org 

    PMSD Cyber Program Staff:
    Nora Wandalowski nwandalowski@pmsd.org Director
    Lori Sandles lsandles@pmsd.org Administrative Assistant
    Andy Cole acole@pmsd.org Dean of Students/Secondary Science
    Bill Angst wangst@pmsd.org Elementary Cyber
    Stephanie Sluck ssluck@pmsd.org Guidance
    Marion Zimmerman mzimmerman@pmsd.org Secondary Special Education
    ----------------------------- -------------------------------- Elementary Special Education
    Kathy Celli kcelli@pmsd.org Nurse
    Ryan Baugess rbaugess@pmsd.org Secondary Social Studies
    Mark Ciocca mciocca@pmsd.org K-12 Art
    Rebecca Cleare rcleare@pmsd.org Health and PE
    Kristen Cole kcole@pmsd.org Secondary Math
    Mary Cooper macooper@pmsd.org Elementary Cyber -- 2nd Grade
    Cory Dempsey cdempsey@pmsd.org Elementary Cyber -- 5th/6th Grade
    Alaina Dietz adietz@pmsd.org Secondary Science
    Jeremy Haloskie jhaloskie@pmsd.org K-12 Business Education
    Laura Jeffer ljeffer@pmsd.org Elementary Cyber -- Kindergarten/1st Grade
    Barry Kwasny bkwasny@pmsd.org Secondary Math
    Michael Legg mlegg@pmsd.org Secondary Social Studies
    Nick Lemmo nlemmo@pmsd.org Health and PE
    Jessica Libassi jlibassi@pmsd.org Elementary Cyber -- 3rd/4th Grade
    Timothy Lloyd tlloyd@pmsd.org Secondary Science
    Elizabeth Quinn equinn@pmsd.org Secondary ELA
    Karla Scheld kscheld@pmsd.org Elementary Cyber -- 3rd/4th Grade
    Susan Stroker sstroker@pmsd.org Secondary Math
    Rebecca Tucker rtucker@pmsd.org Elementary Cyber -- 2nd Grade
    Sara Tucky stucky@pmsd.org Secondary Social Studies
    Kevin Vest kvest@pmsd.org Elementary Cyber -- 5th/6th Grade
    June Wade jwade@pmsd.org Secondary ELA
    Rich Williams rwilliams@pmsd.org Secondary ELA