PMSD Cyber

  • PMSD Cyber Program Overview

    Hello & Welcome to our PMSD Cyber Program!

    We are a complete cyber program, offering competitive courses to students on all ability levels. Students in Kindergartenpic through 12th grade can participate in at-home, full-time cyber school through the PMSD Cyber Program. We also offer a variety of hybrid program options to meet the individual needs of every Pocono Mountain student. 

    Students who enroll in the PMSD Cyber Program remain linked to their home school community and are welcome to participate in any organization, club, sport, or other activity within their home building. Likewise, keeping connected to the school community allows students to transition between programs.  


    Join us for the 2021-2022 school year! The PMSD Cyber Program now offers a comprehensive K-12 cyber program! The K-6 and the 7-12 programs are highlighted in further detail on the following pages:

    Thank you for stopping to learn a little more about the PMSD Cyber Program. Here is the direct link to the PMSD Cyber Program application.


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