• PMSD 7-12 Cyber Program
    school Our grades 7-12 PMSD Cyber students engage in the the same district approved curriculum that students use in the traditional, "brick and mortar" schools. Our teachers customize learning to meet the needs of your child and integrate dynamic and interactive experiences for students in the program. PMSD Cyber students in grades 7-8 interact with core district offerings and can learn at home, on-site, or a combination of both. They receive continuous guidance in the program and are monitored on a daily basis to assist in their success in the PMSD Cyber Program. PMSD Cyber students in grades 9-12 are exposed to a wealth of core and elective courses that align with the course offerings in the schools.

    Advantages of using the PMSD 7-12 Cyber Program include:

    • Dedicated highly-qualified teachers to provide assistance via email, telephone, and in-person at our schools or off campus
    • Enrichment and remediation opportunities
    • Hybrid learning scenarios
    • Credit recovery opportunities
    • Full access to district resources and facilities, including guidance and library services
    • Join district-sponsored extracurricular activities, including Band and Chorus
    • Vocational-technical school integration
    To complete an application and register for the Cyber 7-12 Program, click here.
    PMSD 7-12 Cyber Student Handbook Coming Soon!
    The Pocono Mountain School District sets high standards for all students attending our cyber program. Supports and services under Chapter 14, 15, and 16 include a full-continuum and are in compliance with all federal and state laws. Exceptional students attending our cyber program are provided access to the general education curriculum with specially designed instruction or accommodations/modifications based on the student's individual strengths and needs.