• Teaching classroom lessons 
    Encouragement for students
    Consultation with parents and faculty

  • Groups working toward common goals
    Understanding of self and others
    Individual counseling
    Developmental curriculum
    Academic support
    Nurturing environment
    Character education
    Emphasis on making good choices

  • Individual Counseling
    Mrs. Dial and Mrs. Ednie provide individual counseling for students on an as needed basis. Topics are individualized for each student but can include areas such as academic support, peer relation issues, anxiety, self-esteem, and problems at home, school or in the community. 
    Group Counseling
    Every student is offered a chance to attend group counseling during lunch time. With parent permission students enter a “Lunch Bunch” which will focus on developing self-esteem, friendship skills, respect for others and personal responsibility. Each session consists of different discussions and games which emphasize building positive self-concepts and social skills. These groups meet for four sessions throughout the year. Other small groups are offered on an added needed basis based on specific issues or themes that may need to be addressed. These small groups meet for four to six sessions throughout the year. 
    Large Group Counseling/Classroom Lessons
    Mrs. Dial and Mrs. Ednie also teach approximately 24 lessons in each classroom throughout the  school year. The curriculum used is called Second Step. It is a research based Social Skills program used throughout the Pocono Mountain school district. The curriculum is interactive. Please look for information coming home with your student. The lessons include, empathy, emotion-management, and problem-solving skills; as well as; self-regulation skills. In the primary grade levels (K-3) executive-function skills are included, to prepare students to learn whatever they need to—from social emotional skills to math and science. You can also find more information here, www.cfchildren.org/second-step/elementary.aspx
    Other topics discussed in our classroom guidance lessons include, anti-bullying, bucket filling (www.bucketfillers101.com), and components of our STARR positive school-wide behavior program which focus on being safe, trustworthy, respectful and responsible citizens. 
    Other Duties/Responsibilities
    Mrs. Dial and Mrs. Ednie are serve a large role in the Student Assistance Team and Child Study Teams. In this capacity they are able to ensure that all students are receiving the emotional and/or academic support that they need. They also are able to guide parents in the direction needed in order to assist them in helping to meet their student’s needs outside of school. 
    Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s counselor at 570-646-2721.
    Mrs. Dial works with K, 4, 5, and 6 (last names beginning A-M)
    Mrs. Ednie works with 1, 2, 3 and 6 (last names beginning N-Z)