Regular attendance is necessary for success in school.  Help ensure that your child has the best opportunity for success by making sure he/she is in school every day.

     If your child is sick or misses school, an excuse needs to be turned in within 3 days upon returning from the absence.  Excuses can be submitted in any of the following ways:

    1.  Students should drop off their absence note to the attendance window upon returning to school.

    2.  Parents may email a note to:  wjhsattendance@pmsd.org

    3.  Parents or Dr. may fax notes to Attendance at #570-839-7397, attention Mrs. Maurer.


    The Importance of School Attendance

    Research has proven that there is a high correlation between school attendance and academic performance and success -- absenteeism is often the greatest single cause of poor performance and achievement.

     Why is it so important to attend every day?

    • Learning is a progressive activity – each day’s lessons build upon those of the previous day(s)

    • Reading the material and completing work independently does not make up for the loss of insight gained during class discussion or the loss of competency acquired through explanation.

    • Many classes use lectures, discussions, demonstrations, experiments, and participation as part of the daily learning activities and these cannot be made up if absent.

    • Regular student participation in daily classroom activities plays a significant role in a student’s school success.

      Are there other benefits to my child?

    • Students with good attendance usually achieve higher grades and enjoy school more.

    • Having a good education will help to give your child the best possible start in life.

    • Regular school attendance patterns encourage the development of other responsible patterns of behavior.

    • Students who develop an “on the job” attitude toward school will be more desirable to future employers.

     What are the risks of frequent absences?

    • A child who does not attend school regularly will be unlikely to keep up with the work.

    • The more students miss school, the lower their grades; the lower their grades, the less they want to stay in school; the less they want to stay in school, the more likely they will drop out of school.

    • Students who miss school are more likely to be at-risk for anti-social or criminal behavior.

     What can parents do to help?

    • Parents must model the value of education, including the importance of regular attendance.

    • Make sure that your child goes to school regularly and arrives on time – you will establish a good habit that will carry through life.

    • If your child starts missing school, make sure he/she understands that you do not approve of absenteeism.

    • If your child is ill or must miss school for some other reason, contact the school immediately.  Ask for homework, and make sure your child completes it before returning to school.

    • Whenever possible, arrange family vacations during school holidays so that children miss as little school as possible.

    • Take an in interest in your child’s school work and be involved in the school as much as possible – your child will value school more if you do.

     Who else benefits from good school attendance?

    • Other students:  less classroom time is spent re-teaching and reviewing for students who have been absent

    • Teachers:  lesson plans are more likely to be followed and completed on time when all students are present.

    • The office staff:  less time calling to verify reasons for absences.

    • The school & district:  districts with low absence rates receive more state funding