• Let's Hear Why Our Students LOVE The PMSD Cyber Program!


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       "The cyber program is structured enough to keep my children engaged and accountable for their assignments and attendance while being flexible enough to accommodate my own work schedule. The content is at their instructional level. They must focus and participate, but they can do that with minimal assistance from me at home and with support from their teachers during instruction. My children genuinely enjoy their teachers. Their teachers are helpful, resourceful and they communicate often. I have contacted them with questions about assignments and grades and have always received immediate and thorough responses. I am very pleased with the program and I appreciate the dedicated teachers!"


       “We have cool teachers. This program will allow me to do the MCTI Work Program for half a day.”
      - Nick

      "Pocono mountain cyber school was a new challenge that we decided would be the best route for this school year. Mrs. Cooper is an amazing, very patient, and extremely helpful teacher. My daughter learned a lot this year and Mrs. Cooper always kept her motivated."




    Videos from Our Students:

    Javien & Samari