To be eligible for High School Graduation, all students must complete 22 courses/credits.


    Additionally, all students must also test “proficient” on the Keystone exams and complete a comprehensive Graduation Project.

    Students who complete Graduation requirements prior to the end of their senior year, will graduate with their class in June.  Seniors who have accumulated enough credits prior to senior year may be eligible for the following programs in place of their senior elective courses:

    • Diversified Occupations
    • Dual Enrollment


    Course grading is done on a percentage scale from 0% - 100% with a minimum passing grade of 65%. Students may select from Advanced Placement (AP), Honors, Academic, or Applied course offerings.  AP and Honors grades are weighted for GPA purposes only with +4% and +2% respectively.

    The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Pocono Mountain Board of School Directors require students to take the Keystone Exams in Algebra I, Biology, and Literature. The purpose of the end-of-course assessments is to measure students’ academic proficiency in specific core courses. Students enrolled in Keystone related courses and grade 11 students who have not demonstrated proficiency on the Algebra I, Biology or Literature Keystone Exams must take or retake the appropriate Keystone Exam. Students not meeting the proficiency standards will not graduate.
    A Keystone Remediation course and/or Project-Based Assessment (PBA) Tutorial course will be required for students who do not demonstrate proficiency on the Keystone Literature, Algebra I, and Biology Exams. Students in grade 12 who indicate a need for remediation as a result of Keystone Exam scores must demonstrate proficiency through a project-based assessment class. This is a local school board requirement for graduation. Please note: Beginning with the class of 2017, a student below grade 12 who has not demonstrated proficiency on a Keystone Exam (Literature, Algebra, Biology) will be required to participate and demonstrate proficiency in one or more “Project Based Assessments” as designed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. This is a Chapter 4 requirement for graduation.