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If you would like to schedule an appointment with your child's counselor, please call the Guidance Office at (570) 839-7121 Ext. 50460.
Ms. Bradley 87th grade 

Mrs. Hoppel 78
th grade

The Pocono Mountain School District believes that every student should be provided as many opportunities as possible to demonstrate achievement each marking period.

Classroom assessments are what collectively contribute to the formation of a grade for each student. Assessments may include homework, tests, quizzes, class work, lab work, projects, paper & pencil activities, notebook checks, portfolios, class participation, verbal presentations, and final exams.

At the middle of every marking period a Progress Report is sent home, 4 per year. The Progress Reports allow the student time to improve their grade standing if they are doing poorly.  Every 45 days a formal Report Card is issued to the students, also 4 per year.

Student grades can be viewed on our web-based grade book called Home Access Center. This program can be accessed from our school web site. Login and passwords are available by calling the guidance office.  Each login remains the same throughout the school years.
 The scale and designation of alpha and numeric grades is as follows:
92 – 100 A – Distinguished Honors
83 – 91 B – Honors
74 – 82 C – Acceptable Work
65 – 73 D – Marginally Passing
0 – 64 F – Failing Work

Student Assistance Program

* The Student Assistance Program is a state mandated program that is comprised of school counselors, school nurses, building level administrators, a probation officer, a drug & alcohol counselor, and a mental health coordinator. 

* The goal of SAP is to determine what services are appropriate and available for a referred student. 

* Students can refer themselves, or can be referred by a parent, peer, counselor/ teacher/ any other school faculty member.

* Recommendations by the SAP team are suggestions made after a review of all pertinent information from school personnel.  It is the responsibility of the parent/student to follow through with recommendations.

* Recommendations can range from participation in an in-school group, referrals for a mental health or drug & alcohol assessment, or various other levels of intervention.

If you have any questions regarding SAP, please email Mrs. Hoppel at:
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