• Our School Day

    School day starts: 9:05

    School day ends: 3:40

    Parent drop off time: 8:30

    Parent pick up time: 3:00 (From the Main Office)

    SEC Parent Pick-Up Procedure

    If a parent would like to physically pick-up their student from the office, they must be in the building
    NO LATER than 3:00 pm.  If the parent chooses to receive a temporary or permanent parent pick-up pass, they may do so at any time of the day up until but NO LATER than 3:15 pm.

    Please Note: ONLY a Guardian can receive a Permanent Pass. Temporary Passes may also be picked-up by emergency contacts.  If you are sending someone other than yourself to pick-up your child, please be sure to do the following:

    ·   Submit a note

    ·   Person must be in possession of your number card

    ·   Person is listed as an emergency contact and has picture ID with them

    ·   Your children will not be released to the adult without the above items

     After 3:15- Students will be placed on the bus.