• Excuses

    The school district must receive a written excuse signed by a parent/guardian for any absence(s) within three (3) school days of one’s return to school or after ten (10) consecutive days of absence. The principal or designee will review the excuse to determine whether or not the absence is excused. If an excuse is not received within three (3) days of one’s return to school or after ten (10) consecutive days of absence, the absence will be recorded as unexcused and, when appropriate, unlawful. All unexcused absences shall be recorded as unlawful for students of compulsory school age.  For more specific details consult the handbook...see page 88 of the 

    Elementary_Handbook 2021-2022.


    For your convenience absence notes may be submitted via email to secattendance@pmsd.org.
    *Please note...Bronwyn Farley can only accept absence notes for SEC students.  Please DO NOT send her absence notes if your child attends school at another building in our district.*
    **If you need to feel you need to speak with someone directly, you can contact one of our Administrative Assisstants at 570-839-7121 extension 29418.**

    In addition please see the Elementary Handbook.  

    Here you can find other valuable information and printable documents. 
    They are as follows:
    Educational Trip Approval Request p.151

    Medication Form p.153

    Attendance Policy p.154

    Parent/Student Recognition of Elementary Handbook and Policies p.155