• The C.R.I.S. guidance department creates a safe and friendly environment where all students can have their academic and sociol/emotional needs met. Students can access the guidance department at any time throughout the day as needed. The school counselors facilitate/take part in the following school based activities:

    *Provide individual and group counseling

    *Are part of the student assistance program 

    *Are part of the truancy elimination program 

    *Are part of the school wide positive behavioral support team 

    *Take proactive roles in parent teacher conferences and all child study and team meetings, where we work with parents, team teachers, administrators, and all stakeholders to come up with plans to best help our students succeed

    *Provide families with information and resources pertaining to outside services for their children, such as outpatient counseling and Provider 50 services

    *Get materials ready for PSSA's.

    *Provide classroom lessons which address age appropriate behaviors and social/peer development and also situational issues that may arise throughout the school year

    The School Counselors are:  
    Mr. Kevin Scanlon 
    3rd grade
    extention 61464
    Mrs. Marisa Nimtien
    4th grade
    extension 61462 
    Mrs. Kelly Sussenbach
    Grade 5 
    extension 61465 
    Ms. Ginger Chelik
    6th grade
    extension 61463
    Thank you; and with positive school to home communication and working together, we believe that all students can experience success in school!