• ANIME CLUB 2018-2019
    Advisers:  Mr. LaMura (room 208) and Mrs. Long (room 139)
    Executive Council:
    President:  Jamie Conlin
    Co - Vice Presidents: Alysia Cazun and Regina Madejczyk
    Fundraising/Treasurer:  Elizabeth Albright
    Secretary:  Pat Ritchie
    Historian:  Jonathan Roberts and Alyssa Smith
    Public Relations:  Amir Fripp and Monica Scott
    Event Coordinators:  Chloe Chin-Young and Devon Sanchez
    Tech Coordinators:    Evan Simmons, 
    Art Chairs:  Andriana Carrion and Kayla Espinal
    Culture Chairs:  Brianna Acosta and Ximena Ramirez
    Gaming Chairs:  James Gonzalez and Elijah Vazquez
    Art Committee:  Brianna Acosta, Lizzie Albright, Andriana Carrion, Alysia Cazun, Jamie Conlin, Kayla Espinal, Jonathan Roberts, Monica Scott, Alyssa Smith
    Culture Committee:   Brianna Acosta, Jamie Conlin, Chloe Chin-Young, Regina Madejczyk, Ximena Ramirez, Alyssa Smith
    Gaming Committee:  Darin Denis, Amir Fripp, James Gonzalez, Nandar Mangyik, Christian O'Loughlin, Christian Raven, Pat Ritchie, Devon Sanchez, Evan Simmons, Elijah Vazquez


     1. Hand in a completed anime application to join.  Please hand in your anime application to Mrs. Long (room 139) or Mr. LaMura (room 208) as soon as possible.  

    2. Meetings are in the cafeteria until 4:45 pm

    3. You can find announcements outside of  Mr. LaMura’s room, Mrs. Long’s Room, and in our display case outside of the library.

    4. You can receive text messages for reminders.  Download the Remind App.  Text 81010.  @h7gf8d9

    5.  Join the google classroom for anime club at 0uu6ytt.

    6.  Pizza:  Sign-ups will be held for how many pieces of pizza you would like.  Slices are $2 a piece and need to be paid before the Pizza parties.  Pizza sign-ups will be held for the following meetings: 10/31,  12/12,  and 5/22.    Additional days may be added to the schedule.

     7. Cosplay outfits:  Need to be approved by 3 executive council members and/or 1 advisor.  Cosplay approval sheets need to be submitted to Mrs. Long.


    WHS Anime Club 2018-2019 Calendar (subject to change)

    9/12:  Club - Welcome Back, Ice Breaker, Team Building Activities

    9/26:  Club - Cosplay 101, Survival Guide to attending a Con guest speakers,Team Building Activities

    10/10:  Club - Art Day

    10/24:  Club - Japanese Cultural Day 1 (Old School Cultural, origami, intro tea, paper fans)

    10/31:  Club - Halloween Party & Activities, Cosplay Tournament, Pizza (Nightmare Before Xmas)

    11/14:  Club - Video Game Tournament

    11/28:  Club - Japanese Cultural Day 2 (Modern Culture, Media, Karaoke/Dancing & Role Play game shows)

    12/12:  Club - Star Wars Party & Activities, Cosplay Tournament, Pizza (Rogue One/Solo?)

    12/19:  Club - Holiday Crafts & Activities

    1/9:  Club -  Larp & Steampunk 101  Steampunk activities

    1/23:  Club - Zodiac history (Chinese vs. Japanese) & Activities, Chinese New Year

    1/30:  Club -  Larp Event

    2/13:  Club - Valentine’s Crafts, Activities, & Game show

    2/27:  Club - Harry Potter Day, Quidditch 101

    3/13:  Club - White Day & Girl’s Day Activities

    3/27:  Club - Quidditch & Team Building

    4/10:  Club -  Video Game Tournament & Hand held Video Game Tournament

    4/24:  Club -  Ponyo& Activities

    5 / 8:  Club - Smash Brothers and Cosplay Cafe

    5/22:  Club - Year End Party, Cosplay, Pizza, Saying Goodbye 
    Contact us:
    Mr. LaMura:  mlamura@pmsd.org
    Mrs. Long:  clong@pmsd.org
    570-839-7121 ext. 81400
    Remind App:
    Text 81010.  @h7gf8d9 
    Goggle Classroom:

9/12/18: Welcome Back Meeting

8/21/18: New Student Orientation

  • 8/21/18:  New Student Orientation:  The executive committee came out to promote the anime club during the new student and 9th grade orientation

2/28/18: Harry Potter Day

  • 2/28/18:  Harry Potter Day:  Students got to cosplay as their favorite Harry Potter character.  Students had the opportunity to make their own wands and potions.  Some students learned how to play Magic and Pokemon.

2/14/18: Japanese Fashion & Valentine's Day Activities

  • 2/14/18:  Japanese Fashion & Valentine's Day Activities:  Students learned about Japanese fashion when cosplaying.  Students also had a chance to play bingo, color, and play video games.  Students also participated in "Make your own Valentine's".

1/31/18: Japanese Culture Day & Activities

  • 1/31/18:  Japanese Culture Day & Activities:  Students learned about basic Japanese Culture and Fork lore.  Students had a chance to see Japanese Fork Lore depicted in a picture book.  They learned how to use chop sticks.  Many participated in a tea ceremony.  All students participated in making the cherry blossom trees.  

1/17/18 - LARP

  • 1/17/18 - LARP:  Students watched a larp scene acted out by the anime executive committee.  Students then played a "Clue" scenario of who did it, with what, and why.

12/20: Yuri on Ice

  • Students had a chance to watch Yuri on Ice anime.  Students had the option to cosplay as Yuri on Ice characters.  Students played "Strike a Yuri pose".  Students were shown an ice skating pose that they had to imitate.  Students also had a chance to color, play Uno, and play DS games.

12/13: Star Wars Party

  • In celebration of the new Star Wars movie, students watched "The Force Awakens".  Anime students also had a chance to participate in Star Wars arts and crafts.  Students were able to make Yoda and Darth Vader through origami.  Students were able to create their own light saber.  Students also had a chance to color Star Wars scenes.  

11/29 Winter crafts activities

  • Anime club invited Arielle Sekula to come in to talk about her art, cosplaying, and participating at anime conventions.  She also gave feedback to our inspiring artists.  Students also worked on fall activities and coloring sheets.  Students also had the chance to play Uno, heads up/7 up, and name that Pokemon.

11/8: Video Game Tournament and activities

  • Students had a chance to enter an Injustice 2 video game tournament and Mario Party Free Play.  Students also learned basic origami and wig styling tips. 

10/27/17 - Tailgate

  • Anime executive council hosted a bake sale, Mario coloring pages, a Mario Kart tournament, and free play video games during Tailgate.  The winner of the Mario Kart tournament faced off against Mr. Jones for ultimate bragging rights.

10/25 Halloween Party 2017

  • Anime Club students celebrated Halloween by watching Nightmare Before Christmas, creating holiday crafts, playing holiday games, and cosplaying.  

9/27 Cosplay 101 and Team building activities

  • For this meeting, anime club students learned about upcoming video game tournaments, introduction to cosplaying, and learned how to play captain's coming.