• Student Assistance Program

    * The Student Assistance Program is a state mandated program that is comprised of school counselors, school nurses, building level administrators, a probation officer, a drug & alcohol counselor, and a mental health coordinator. 

    * The goal of SAP is to determine what services are appropriate and available for a referred student. 

    * Students can refer themselves, or can be referred by a parent, peer, counselor/teacher/any other school faculty member.

    * Recommendations by the SAP team are suggestions made after a review of all pertinent information from school personnel.  It is the responsibility of the parent/student to follow through with recommendations.

    * Recommendations can range from participation in an in-school group, referrals for a mental health or drug & alcohol assessment, or various other levels of intervention.

    * The online SAP referral can be found under the EJHS webpage quick links.
    If you have any questions regarding SAP, please email Ms. Bradley at mbradley@pmsd.org