• Broadway Appreciation Club

    What is Broadway Appreciation Club?

    ·        Meetings will be held every Thursday after school

    ·        DISCUSS, VIEW, SING and ACT out scenes from Broadway Plays and Musicals

    ·        View (as a group)  shows from a local theatre group or high school performance group  

    ·        1 (optional) field trip to NYC on a Saturday in spring (date TBA)

    ·        Charter bus to and from the city

    ·        Attend Broadway workshop with Broadway performers

    ·        Eat dinner in the city

    ·        Attend a Broadway musical

    ·        Grab food “to-go” before the ride home

    ·        Cost is approximately $125.00 (fundraising will be available)


    Thank you for your interest! Please return the form below to Ms. Aragona-Young ASAP!  Forms are due:  October 2 .)


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    My child,______________________has permission to join “Broadway Appreciation club.”

    I will pick up my child NO LATER than 5:20 or my child will ride the activity bus home.


    Parent/Guardian Signature__________________Contact Number____________

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