FALL (September – November)

    _____ Start your junior year off by registering for and taking the PSAT/NMSQT

    _____ Stay focused – colleges pay “close” attention to your junior year grades!!!  It is not too late to get involved.  Pick a new school or community extracurricular activity (or two) and sign-up.

    _____ Attend a College Fair

    _____ Write a Resume

    _____ Build your College List (reach, target and safe schools) ---Try to narrow your list to less than 20 colleges.

    ** Collegeboard.com or Niche.com are great places to start!

    _____ ADVANCED STUDENTS WHO FEEL READY-----Register for and take:   Oct. SAT (WHS) or Nov. SAT (EHS)

    WINTER (December – March)

    _____  Prep for the SAT & ACT.  Analyze your PSAT performance and start your prep for the SAT and/or ACT.                                                                    

    _____ Register to take the February ACT (Given at the WHS) – ACT.org

    _____Continue to research and explore college websites.   Refine your choices of colleges by comparing and contrasting schools.  Try to narrow your list to around 10 schools that interest you.

    _____ Get scholarships for college by starting your search now!  Fastweb.com is a great place to start!

    _____ Schedule and attend college visits and open houses.

    _____ Keep your stress level low by creating an organization system for all your college documents.

    SPRING (April - June)

    _____Register for and take the June SAT (given at EHS) – Collegeboard.com

    _____ Attend “How to Choose a College Night”

    _____ Identify and contact teachers for letters of recommendation (Have your updated resume readily available).

    _____ Continue exploration of college websites/admissions requirements.  Check it against your own high school transcript and try to select realistic schools.  Try to narrow your list to 3-8 schools.

    SUMMER (July - August)

    _____ Continue to visit colleges (especially far away ones you were not able to visit yet)

    _____ Great opportunity to do job shadowing or volunteer work (especially for allied health majors)

    _____ Prepare to re-take the SAT/ACT this fall

    _____ Begin working on your personal statement/college essay