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     St. Luke’s Care Now - WALK-IN care for minor orthopedic and sports injuries

    Be seen for sprains, muscle pain and minor orthopedic and sports injuries without an appointment. Convenient locations near you. Evening and weekend hours available.

    • Splinting and first aid for minor orthopedic injuries
    • Diagnostic X-rays performed onsite
    • Immediate access to braces, crutches, boots and other durable medical equipment
    • Follow-up appointments with orthopedics scheduled before you leave the office

    Visit the St. Luke’s Care Now nearest you.

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    General School Guidelines:

    Safety is always paramount to PMSD and St. Luke’s, so please review the general guidelines below to help everyone promote increased safety by decreasing the risks associated with athletic participation:

    1)  Please make sure you have completed all sections of Family ID, and that the physical is signed by the health care provider and handed in to the athletic department. We need to know if your child has any medical conditions such as allergies, epilepsy, asthma, diabetes, heart conditions, etc. Any athlete participating with a pre-existing medical condition must inform the AT and coach so emergency action plans can be discussed and implemented.

    2)  If a student is being evaluated and/or treated by an outside physician or specialist, a note clearing the student for activity is required before the student will be allowed to participate.  There are NO exceptions to this policy.
    3) If any athlete requires the use of an inhaler, Epi-pen, insulin kit or other special medications as prescribed by a health care professional, it is mandatory that the athlete brings it to each practice and game and has it easily accessible on the sidelines.