• Below are recommended resources related to STEM/STEAM education, delivering instruction, accessing additional content, and various activities that you can do while you are out of school. These resources are meant to engage you in learning during this time when school is not in session, but are not required activities.





    Coding @ Home Code.org curated computer science learning resources including “unplugged” activities, as well as smartphone-compatible activities for students who may not have immediate access to reliable internet or laptops. https://code.org/
    Pear Deck Pear Deck is working with Google Education to offer free services to educators so they can stay connected with their students. https://www.peardeck.com/stay-connected
    Nearpod Nearpod is hosting daily webinars on who to leverage the virtual platform during school closures. Sign up for free to use the platform with students. https://nearpod.com/blog/coronavirus/
    LearnON This is the IU12 support website with comprehensive list of resources and step by step instructions for teachers and administrators. http://learnon.iu12.org/
    TransformED TransformED (at AIU3) is hosting daily 45 min professional learning experiences at 11:00 am and 3:00pm http://bit.ly/PopUpPLN
    STEM at Home from STEM Ecosystems STEM activities for kids https://stemecosystems.org/covid19-resource-library/
    STEAMification of Scholastic’s Literacy Activities STEAM activities that piggy-back on Scholastic’s Learn at Home resources, a free online resource for families. Follow on Twitter @BucksIUSTEAM
    CS/STEM Activities Computer Science and various STEM activities. CS/STEM activities here
    IU14 Resource Site Resources for educators and families IU14’s resource site
    Flux Online STEM Challenges Host daily STEAM challenges that families can complete and share to win prizes.  https://fluxspace.io/fluxosc/
    Science-U at home Everyday experiments and lessons to do at home with your kids! https://science-u.org/
    Penn State Center for Science and the Schools Resource Center Many STEM resources we use for teacher professional development, and a few resources for families including science-u @ home. https://csats.psu.edu/resource-center