• PMSD's Edgenuity & Google Classroom Student Enrichment & Learning Platforms

    Welcome to Pocono Mountain School District's Edgenuity & Google Classroom Student Online Educational Enrichment and Learning Platforms. District students enrolled in the PMSD Cyber Program for grades Kindergarten to 12 use PMSD Edgenuity and Google Classroom platforms as part of their cyber online learning experience. PMSD has opened its online learning platforms to all students as part of its Continuity of Education Plan to give students Extended Enrichment and Review activities and opportunities during the Coronavirus emergency school closures. All District teachers received training on the two online educational platforms and will be guiding students in their classes and provide an interactive enrichment experience for students. 

    Why two different online platforms? The combination of Edgenuity and Google Classroom complement each other and provided the most expansive curriculum-aligned online enrichment and learning opportunities for all students.