Medication Policy

  • It is recommended that prescription and nonprescription medicines be administered at home whenever possible.

    Please remember that no medications of any kind, prescription or over the counter medications can be dispensed or given to your child at school without a written permission slip (see your school nurse) from a physician. Please remember it is your responsibility to ask your physician for a completed form or take the school form with you. A parent/guardian must also sign the permission form.

    Inhalers are kept in the nurse’s office. If a child needs to carry an inhaler with him/her at all times, the physician needs to specify that on the order. If a child is going to carry an inhaler, the parent needs to make sure the inhaler is brought to school daily and not forgotten.

    Any/all approved medications brought to school must:

    1) Be in a sturdy container

    2) Be clearly marked with your child’s name, time, and amount of dosage

    3) Include your physician’s name and name of the prescribed medicine

    A new form must be submitted to the school nurse each time there is a change in medication, dosage, or time of administration. Parents must deliver the medication to school (no medications should be brought on the bus with the students). Students are never to keep medications of any kind (Tylenol or cold medicine) on them or in any of their belongings (except inhalers ordered by the physician to be carried with them).