• Pocono Mountain Workplace Safety Committee Goals 
    To promote a safety culture throughout the school district 

     The Workplace Safety Committee meets once a month to review safety concerns that are reported so they may be appropriately addressed.  If an unsafe condition exists in the workplace, please email your concern to safetycommittee@pmsd.org.  If it is an immediate concern, please notify your building administrator right away.  Suggestions to improve potential unsafe conditions are also welcome.  Together we can work to eliminate possible unsafe conditions and make the district a safer place to work for all employees.  
  • Safety Committee Members 
    Dr. Elizabeth Robison
    Mr. Jeremy Sawicki
    Mr. Curtis Beam
    Mr. Michael Piazza  
    Ms. Jane Brandes       
    Mr. Robert Hametz 
    Mr. Cody Knecht
    Mr. Nick Morell
    Officer Jason Wile  
    Ms. Melissa Lowe
  • Approved Meeting Minutes