• Overview: Pocono Mountain School District Policy 216, Student Records, outlines the District policy for official high school transcript requests. The District will provide an official copy of a graduate’s transcript to a college, university, trade school, etc., upon receipt of a signed request form from the graduate.
    The Student Transcript is the permanent record that documents each student’s grades and credits. It
    includes selected demographic information, yearly attendance, cumulative grade average, class rank,
    proficiency levels from the Keystone Exams, and, if applicable, SAT and Industry-Based Credentials.

    Once issued, transcripts cannot be revised unless evidence is provided to indicate that the transcript is
    materially inaccurate. A student with such evidence can petition for a transcript revision. The teacher of
    the course and school guidance counselor will then review the transcript to determine its accuracy,
    consulting with the school principal where necessary. The school guidance counselor will be responsible
    for issuing a revised transcript where it is deemed appropriate.
    New Graduates: Transcript requests for students who graduated in June of the current year should be made through the high school guidance department up until September 1.  After September 1 of the year a student graduates, requests for transcripts should be made through Parchment.com and a transcript fee will apply to the requests.  
    Former Graduates: Register through Parchment.com to receive a copy of your high school transcript.  Former graduates also have the option of completing the attached Transcript Request Form, and sending the completed form to PMSD, Attn: Student Records Department, PO Box 200, Swiftwater, PA 18370-0200.
    Former Students Who Did Not Graduate from PMSD: Register through Parchment.com to receive a copy of your high school transcript.
    Third Party Requests: The student's signature of consent is required for any Third Party request for a student's transcript. Mail the request letter or form containing the student's signature of consent and a company check, certified check or U.S. Postal money order for the amount of $3 made payable to PMSD. Mailing address is PMSD,  Attn: Archives, PO Box 200, Swiftwater, PA 18370-0200.

    If you encounter difficulties trying to order student transcripts through Parchment.com, please contact the District at (570) 839-7121, ext. 51558.