February 2024 Coloring Contest

  • *The coloring contest for the 2023-2024 school year has concluded. Thank you to all who participated!*

  • In early 2023, we were awarded $1,046 in grant funds from PA Harvest of the Month to teach K-3 students about fruits and veggies.

    Each month, from September 2023 to February 2024, K-3 students at 3 of our district schools (Swiftwater Elementary Center, Clear Run Elementary Center, and Tobyhanna Elementary Center) will have the opportunity to enter a coloring contest for the chance to win a prize!

    Coloring pages will be printed and distributed to eligible students at the beginning of the month and are due to the students’ teachers by the 20th of that same month. Submissions will be judged on proper color and creativity.

    The coloring page will feature the fruit or veggie of that month and a short educational snippet about nutrition. In February, the coloring page features mushrooms to fit the “Mushrooms” theme.

Color your salad! This coloring page has a salad bowl full of spinach, broccoli, mushrooms, grape tomatoes, and carrots
  • Coloring Contest Winners:

    September 2023

    • Swiftwater Elementary Center: Christian Levins
    • Clear Run Elementary Center: Ayala Floyd
    • Tobyhanna Elementary Center: Lily Honeychurch

    October 2023

    • Swiftwater Elementary Center: Heaven Katra
    • Clear Run Elementary Center: Olivia Cruz  
    • Tobyhanna Elementary Center: Mia Moncada

    November 2023

    • Swiftwater Elementary Center: Michelandia Cadet
    • Clear Run Elementary Center: Karina Bezinyan  
    • Tobyhanna Elementary Center: Dior Morris

    December 2023

    • Swiftwater Elementary Center: Elias Rodriguez 
    • Clear Run Elementary Center: Arissa Villanueva
    • Tobyhanna Elementary Center: Katarina Murray 

    January 2024

    • Swiftwater Elementary Center: Amelia Bender
    • Clear Run Elementary Center: Madison Aponte
    • Tobyhanna Elementary Center: Xavier Milevoi

    February 2024

    • Swiftwater Elementary Center: Emily Vasquez
    • Clear Run Elementary Center: Karina Bezinyan
    • Tobyhanna Elementary Center: Brody Childs