• Standardized Dress Frequently Asked Questions:

    Is my child permitted to wear grey pants?
    Answer: Yes, on May 20, 2015, the Board of Education approved changes to the Standardized Dress Code Policy that permits students to wear grey pants. Khaki, Black and Navy Blue pants are also permitted.

    Is my child permitted to wear plaid or striped shirts as long as the shirt is in the approved colors and has a collar?
    Answer: No, shirts must be a solid color in one of the permitted colors.

    Do shirts need to have a collar?
    Answer: Yes, shirts must have a collar.

    Are ruffles permitted on skirts?
    Answer: Yes, skirts may have ruffles.

    At the elementary level may PE clothing have logos? Stripes down the pant leg?
    Answer: Yes, physical education clothing may have small logos and stripes down the pant leg.

    My child plays a sport. On game day, players are permitted to wear a game day jersey. Does the jersey have to be worn over a collared shirt?
    Answer: No, players do not have to wear a collared shirt under their jerseys on game day.

    Are white tights permitted?
    Answer: Yes, white tights are permitted for wear under skirts, skorts and dresses. Tights may be in any of the approved colors, including white.

    Are characters permitted on athletic shoes?
    Answer: Yes, characters are permitted on athletic shoes.

    What color(s) shoe laces are permitted?
    Answer: Any shoe laces that came with the shoes when they were purchased are permitted for wear.

    May my child wear navy on black? i.e. navy bottoms with a black top and vice versa?
    Answer: Yes, navy may be worn with black.

    What do students wear on PE day at the secondary level?
    Answer: Secondary students should wear their standardized dress apparel to school and change for physical education class. There has been no change to what secondary students are allowed to wear for PE.

    At the elementary level is it permitted for athletic shoes light up?
    Answer: Yes, as long as nothing in the shoe design creates a safety hazard.

    Since navy is an approved pant color district-wide, are navy dresses permitted?
    Answer: Yes, navy dresses are permitted for district-wide wear.

    My child has a disability. May he/she be exempted from the dress code?
    Answer: Parents may request an exemption from the standardized dress code for their children for religious reasons or for a medical reason. A disability is not grounds for an exemption unless there is an associated concern related to the student’s disability that would prevent the child from wearing the standardized dress apparel.

    Are teachers under the same dress code guidelines as students?
    Answer: No, the standardized dress code applies only to students. However, teachers may voluntarily model the code. Standardized Dress Frequently Asked Questions:

    Are patches sold in all schools district-wide?
    Answer: Yes, patches are sold at all schools.

    How much are patches and who do I contact if my child wants to by a patch?
    Answer: Patches are $2 each. Contact the main office of your child’s school to purchase a patch.

    Are scarves permitted as an accessory? If so, what color is permitted?
    Answer: Yes, scarves are permitted in any colors.

    What shoes are permitted?
    Answer: Most shoes are permitted. Flip flops are not permitted, shoe heels may not be higher than 3 inches and sandals must have straps across the back.
    Are coats permitted during school hours? 
    Answer: Coats are not permitted to be worn during school hours. They must be placed in the student's locker upon arrival.
    Is black, khaki, blue or any denim/jean material bottom permitted? 
    Answer: Blue denim/jean material bottom is not permitted. However, black, grey and khaki denim type material is permitted for the top or the bottom. 
    Is khaki/tan top permitted?
    Answer: Khaki/tan top of any type is not an approved top color and not permitted. 
    What is the approved color for ties and scarves?
    Answer: Ties and scarves are permitted in any colors.
    Are navy dresses permitted at the secondary level?
    Answer: Navy dresses are permitted in both the elementary centers and secondary schools district-wide. Dresses must have a collar or be worn over a collared top.