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Pants/Skirts/Shorts/Skorts - Guidelines

  • Dress, casual Docker ® style, or corduroy pants 
  • Dress or casual Docker ® style shorts 
  • Dress or casual capri style pants 
  • Dress or casual skirt/skort
  • Maxi skirts or dresses 
Colors:  Khaki, Black, Grey and Navy


  • Contrasting colors (i.e. white top on black bottom)
  • Same color top and bottom (i.e. black top on black bottom)
  • Appropriately sized bottoms (i.e. no more than one size larger than the student actually measures)
  • Pleated or plain front bottoms
  • Bottoms worn at the natural waist
  • Pant length that meets the top of the shoe, but does not touch the floor
  • Shorts length that is not higher than the top of the knee cap; must be hemmed
  • Full-length leggings/tights worn under the skirt/skort of appropriate length (no higher than the top of the knee cap)
  • Maxi skirts or dresses

Not Permitted

  • Blue denim for bottoms
  • Extra wide, extra-long, baggy, or sagging bottoms 
  • Spandex, stretchable nylon, or other form-fitting material
  • Cargo or carpenter type pants/shorts with multiple pockets down the leg area
  • Pants with waistline below the student’s natural waist
  • Visible undergarments
  • Skirt/Skort length that is higher than the top of the knee cap


Permitted: Solid-colored buckled belts, worn at the natural waistline (black, white, tan/khaki, grey, or brown). Belt buckles must be plain, standard, and appropriate length for the waist.
Not Permitted: Belt designs, emblems, insignia, monograms, logos, or studs.