General Guidelines

  • For Students in Grades K-6:
    • Solid colored sweatpants/athletic wear or solid colored gym shorts in approved colors may be worn on Physical Education days.
    Transfer Students
    • Upon enrollment in the Pocono Mountain School District, new students will be granted a grace period of 5 school days before being required to conform to this policy, but dress must comply with the spirit and intent of the Standardized Dress Code Policy.
    Opt-Out Statement:

    Religious/Medical/Special Needs Exemption: If the parent/guardian of a student has a religious belief, medical, or special needs situation which precludes strict compliance with the Standardized Dress Code Policy, the student’s parent(s) may fill out the appropriate waiver form and submit all other documentation reasonably requested by the administration to establish their exemption.

    • Parents/guardian requesting an exemption from the guidelines will be required to meet with the Superintendent and/or designee to discuss the guidelines and the nature of the circumstances necessitating a waiver.
    • Following the meeting, the Superintendent and/or designee shall render a written decision, approving or denying the requested waiver, in whole or in part. Any exemption from the guidelines granted by the Superintendent and/or designee shall be limited to the minimum variance from the guidelines necessary in light of the specific, bona-fide religious, medical, or special needs situation, which precludes strict compliance. Documents generated regarding the request for exemption shall be filed in the school’s office of the building administrator.

    Economic Hardship/Crisis Situations

    • The requirements in this policy have been developed to impose the minimal amount of economic burden on families as possible while protecting the health, safety and welfare of the students and the order of the school. Families who are experiencing economic hardships and are having difficulty meeting the dress requirements are encouraged to meet with the building administrator to discuss options. Clothes Closets will be available in buildings, which contain new or gently used clothing.
    • Families may qualify for assistance under certain income guidelines. The district shall develop and maintain a system to provide limited assistance to families demonstrating a financial hardship resulting from compliance with the policy, while guarding the privacy of each student. Appropriate forms and information will be available from the administrator of each building implementing the policy. The family must file a new application each year.

    Consequences for Non-Compliance

    • Consequences for non-compliance of this policy are outlined in the Student Handbook of the building where the student attends school. This policy is in effect based on the bell schedule for each building.
    • The Superintendent and/or designee shall promulgate rules and regulations to enforce this policy.